Rêve - Møme (feat. Flo The Kid)

'Keep your mind open ‘cause that's a best seller' - The Word is spread

Dealer De Musique Recordings ~ Møme Aloha EP

Jeremy Souillard, aka Møme, presents a mix between the electronic French Touch and the Australian Chillwave. 

Two styles that are quite similar, both using sampling, and looping (popularised by Daft Punk in the 90's) techniques. Though, the Chillwave offers a lighter ambiance, balancing sung sections and notable pop sounds.

In his new EP, Aloha, Rêve makes the difference. The sound is fresh, driven by the beat, carried on by Flo The Kid's flow. The union of two styles that expresses joy, and carefreeness is a blessing for our ears.

Modern intelligence is in utter confusion. Knowledge has become so diffuse that the world and the mind have lost all point of reference. It is a fact that we are suffering from nihilism. But the most amazing things are the admonitions to “turn backward.” Return to the Middle Ages, to primitive mentality, to the soil, to religion, to the arsenal of worn-out solutions. To grant a shadow of efficacy to those panaceas, we should have to act as if our acquired knowledge had ceased to exist, as if we had learned nothing, and pretend in short to erase which is inerasable. We should have to cancel the contribution of several centuries and the controvertible acquisitions of a mind that has finally (in its last step forward) re-created chaos on its own. That is impossible. In order to be cured, we must make our peace with this lucidity, this clairvoyance. We must take into account the glimpses we have suddenly had of our exile. Intelligence is in confusion not because knowledge has changed everything. It is so because it cannot accept that change. It hasn’t “got accustomed to that idea.” When this does happen, the confusion will disappear. Nothing will remain but the change and the clear knowledge that the mind has of it. There’s a whole civilization to be reconstructed.

Albert Camus – Notebooks – Volume 2, 1942-1951

Sarah Rutson

tired of the combo white tee, jeans & sneakers, I hear you. Try some alternatives, same spirit, more style.

Sarah Rutson after Coach fashion show. STYLE DU MONDE on Instagram @styledumonde

Giovanna 4ever

Giovanna Battaglia, is, for me, the living embodiment of style. Her style is the perfect balance between simplicity, boldness, elegance and femininity. She represents the purest form of Fashion and Style. She is my inspiration and my role model.

In case of doubt I ask myself WWGD ? (what would Giovanna do ?)

The Power of Kind Words

never underestimate the power of kind words. it is important to tell people that they look good and/or what looks good on them or if they have nice hair, a nice smile, a nice make up or manicure...nobody gets up in a morning with 100% self confidence, telling them something nice and truthful will make their day. Don't be shy :)